Baldwin LightStream has been nationally recognized as a pioneer in bringing fiber optics into the home. We were ahead of the trend in recognizing the incredible advantage fiber could bring to our customers and we continue to grow our world-class fiber-optics network. In association with powerful national, regional, state, and local organizations, we are more committed than ever to advancing our outbuild and providing more and more customers with next-gen technology.


Through our partnership with WIN (Wisconsin Independent Network), Baldwin LightStream can give home owners a special brand of connectivity that stretches all around the world. This high-speed advantage is of particular benefit to heavy web browsers, home-based businesses, and people who often office out of their home. Please call us at 877-684-3346 for more information on whether our WIN alliance is a winning option for you. Click here to see a map of full WIN service.


FTTP (Fiber To The Premises) brings the ultimate in technology right into your home. Fiber optics not only provide clearer television, advanced communications, and future-ready upgrades — they increase home property values by $5,000 or more. Since 2008 Baldwin LightStream has installed more than 500 miles of FTTP buildout across the county, providing lightning-fast connectivity across our rural ILEC (Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier) service area. For more information on FTTP availability in your area, please call us at 877-684-3346 and visit the links below. Click here to see a map of our FTTP buildout areas.

Contractors Approved for FTTP Project

Each contractor has been trained on BTI’s wiring requirements.

Carr Creek Electric Service LLC

209 Sommers St. N, Hudson, WI 54016

Helgeson Electric Inc

793 240th St, Baldwin, WI 54002

Monicken Electric

2077 18th Ave, Baldwin, WI 54002

Stang Plumbing & Electric

PO Box 263, Woodville, WI 54028

This list will be updated as our training programs progress.
Win Map