Advanced Baldwin LightStream technology optimizes the great selection of digital programming. A growing number of channels and programs are also available in High-Definition (HD), an exceptional quality which our technology further enhances. Once you experience the thrill of HDTV, we are sure you will agree it takes home entertainment to an all-new level of excitement.
We offer two levels of viewing quality, specified below. Our representatives are experts at helping you maximize your entertainment dollars and we encourage you to call us at 877-684-3346 for help determining the ideal viewing choice for you and your family.
  • Digital Basic (Non-HD TV) — Offers incredible visuals and sound for greatly enhanced viewing. Requires a digital TV adaptor (DTA) or a set-top box.
  • Digital HD TV — Optimal viewing at no extra charge, creating the ultimate entertainment experience. Requires an HDTV. Viewers experiencing a black screen may need to reprogram their TVs.


Baldwin LightStream provides its customers with all the channels and programming you expect from a world-class provider. We offer full digital viewing to all areas, but until the buildout is complete some viewing options are limited by zip code.
Also please note channels occasionally change numbers and networks merge, so check back regularly for updates in the NEWS/NOTICES tab, or call us at 877-684-3346 if you notice a change in the attached lineup.
Click here for our channel lineup.