Residential Repairs

Baldwin LightStream is responsible for the telephone cable up to your home. The customer is responsible for their inside wiring. Here are some tips to help determine the source of the problem, save time and help avoid possible service charges.

Simple Tests

Unplug the phone from the outlet and plug in a phone that is working correctly. If the problem goes away, it is a problem with your telephone. If the problem continues, you can test the line by connecting directly to the Network Interface Device (NID) located where the telephone line enters your premises. A flathead screwdriver will allow you to open the front cover of the NID to access the TEST JACK.Plug the phone into the test jack. If the phone operates, there is a problem with the wiring in the premises. If the phone does not work, please contact Baldwin LightStream Repair Service at 715.684.3346 to report the problem.

Some typical problems have the following symptoms

Outside Line Problem

Inside Wire Problem

Telephone Equipment Problem


When you have a service problem, we will do our best to locate and clear up the trouble. Please call our office at 715.684.3346 or toll free 877.684.3346