1. One Directory Listing in the alphabetical section of the telephone directory is provided to its residential and business customer without charge. Directory Listings are intended primarily for the purpose of identification and are limited to information which is essential to such identification. The Company reserves the right to refuse to insert any Directory Listing in its directories which does not facilitate directory service. Directory Listings are not provided in connection with Payphone Provider Service, except under contract. Individuals or businesses who are not local service customers of the Company may request contract pricing for Directory Listings.

    2. The length of any Directory Listing is limited to one line by the use of abbreviations when the clearness of the listing and the identification of the Customer are not impaired thereby. When, in the judgment of the Company, more than one line is required to properly list the Customer, no additional charge is made.

    3. The Company has the right to refuse to list in the alphabetical section of the telephone directory any listing which does not constitute a legally authorized and adopted name and/or any name which is likely to mislead or deceive the public as to the identity of the Customer, or which is inserted for advertising purpose, or which is more elaborate than is reasonably necessary to identify the Customer. The Company also reserves the right, upon proper showing, to withdraw any Directory Listing which is found to violate this rule.

    4. When a customer contracts for more than one individual line of the same class and at the same location, consecutive telephone numbers may be assigned to such lines and in such cases, the use of more than one listing is unnecessary for the efficient handling of the service.

    5. Upon written request, a customer's listing may be omitted from the directory. Connections with such non-published stations are completed only when requested by telephone number.

    6. The Company is not liable for damages arising from errors or omissions from its directory, except in cases where a specified charge has been made for a listing and then the liability of the Company shall not exceed the amount of such charges.


    1. A Directory Listing must be the name of the individual, partnership, corporation, firm, association, institution, etc., to whom services are furnished; or the name of a member, officer, employee, or representative thereof. Directory Listings other than those specified herein are available only in connection with Joint User Service.

    2. The Directory Listing of a service, commodity, or trade name - such as "Coal, 1090 Main Street, 543" - appearing in the sequence of alphabetical names is not permitted.

    3. When a Customer is engaged in more than one line of business, only the business by which he is best known will ordinarily be included in the business designation.

    4. Double name listings or the use of titles such as "Pres.", "V. Pres.-, Mgr., etc. are not permitted. For example, "City Transfer Co., Wm. Hunt, Manager, 620".

    5. Directory Listings of telephone numbers in churches will not include in the same Directory Listings the name of the church and also that of its pastor or of organizations or societies associated therewith.

    6. A caption Directory Listing, for example, the listing Masonic Temple under which is indented auditorium, banquet room, chapter floor, each with a telephone number, is provided only if necessary for the efficient use of the service; no additional charge is made for the caption listing. The caption must be an essential part of the listings which follow. The names of the individuals are not inserted under a caption but will be shown in their proper alphabetical sequence in the directory except in cases where county or city officials are so listed. Indented Directory Listings which do not materially add to the information contained in the caption or which are designed to advertise the extent of the customer's business are not permitted.


    1. The primary residence Directory Listing shall include the name of the Customer subscribing to the service and may include, at the request of the Customer, the name of one other adult residing at the same address, having the same last name as the Customer, and sharing the same telephone number with the Customer or, at the request of the Customer, may include another first name by which the Customer is known.

    2. The Directory Listings of a telephone in the residence of a professional person such as a physician, dentist, veterinary surgeon, osteopathic physician, etc., may include his professional degree provided, however, that he also has a business Directory Listing.

    3. The Directory Listing of a telephone in a clergyman's residence or church study may include the abbreviation "Rev." following the clergyman's name except that when the listing includes the professional degree "D.D.", the abbreviation "Rev." is not shown.

    4. No charge applies to the inclusion of an additional name, as provided in paragraph 1 preceding, when requested at the same time service is ordered, or before or within 60 days prior to the close of the directory pursuant to notice by the Company of availability of such listings.


    1. Additional Listings, for which a charge is made, are furnished subject to Directory Listings regulations. A line of information in the telephone directory is subject to the same charges for each additional line per month as an Additional Listing.

    2. Cross reference Listings are available when both the main and Cross Reference Listings appear in the same alphabetical list, provided the Cross Reference Listing is an aid in rendering telephone service and not designated for advertising purposes. As an aid to the service, Cross Reference Listings may be provided without charge in connection with the service of federal, state or municipal governmental agencies.

    3. Directory Listing charges date from the day the information records are posted. At the option of the Customer, information records are posted at the time the order is completed or at the time the Directory Listing appears in the directory. Charges for extra Listings are discontinued upon termination of the main contract for service.

    4. Customers whose names are currently spelled in more than one way may arrange for Additional Listings of the name as misspelled when such listings will aid the directory service.

    5. After the insertion of an extra listing in the directory, such extra listing service shall not be discontinued during the life of the directory - but not to exceed 1 year - unless the main station service is also discontinued or the party having the extra listing moves from the premises in which the main station is located.

    6. An Alternate Call Listing refers a calling party to certain other telephone numbers after business hours if there is no answer on the first listed number.

    7. When the alternate call number is that of another Customer, the listing will be furnished only with written approval of the other Customer.

    8. A Foreign Listing may be furnished to Customers receiving service from another exchange who request that their listing be included in the telephone directory of Baldwin Telecom, Inc.


    1. General At the request of the Customer of the Company, a listing or listings (including name, address and telephone number) may be omitted or deleted from the telephone directory. The divulgence of the Customer's telephone number to the public is dependent upon the type of service provided as follows:
      1. Semi-private Telephone Number Service (Non-list):
        The Customer listing is omitted or deleted from the telephone directory, but such listings will be carried in the Company’s information records, and the number will be given to any calling party upon request.

      2. Private Telephone Number Service
        (Non-published): The Customer listing is omitted or deleted from the telephone directory. Only the name and address of the customer will be carried in the Company’s information records, and the number will not be given to any calling party. The initial service period is one month.
    2. Regulations for Private Telephone Number Service:
      1. The Company shall not be liable should a private telephone number be divulged inadvertently.

      2. The Company shall not be liable for failure or refusal to complete any local or long distance call to a private telephone number when the call is not placed by number.
    3. The rate/charge for Additional, Alternate, Cross Reference, or Foreign Listings begins on the day information records are posted.


    The following rates apply for Extra Listings and Semi-Private and Private Telephone
      Non-Recurring Charge¹ Monthly
    1. Additional Listing:
        Business, per listing
        Residence, per listing


    2. Alternate Listings:
         Business, per listing
         Residence, per listing


    3. Cross Reference Listing:
        Business, per listing
        Residence, per listing
    4. Semi-private Telephone Number Service
         Business, per listing
         Residence, per listing

    5. Private Telephone Number Service
         Business, per listing
         Residence, per listing

    6. Foreign Listing
         First Directory Line
         Second and Each Additional Directory Line

    Note 1: Service Charges specified in Section 3 of the Baldwin Telecom, Inc. local services tariff apply for these listings.